Disc Golf Terminology (Common Slang and Terms)

Have you ever heard a friend use some terminology out on the course and had no idea what it meant?

This complete list of disc golf terminology and slang will provide you with everything you need to fit in with everyone on your card.

The great thing about disc golf is that the lingo is always changing, so I’ll make sure to keep this glossary up to date for future references!

Disc Golf Terminology

List of Disc Golf Terms

Ace – Hole-in-one. Throwing your disc in the basket on the first throw

Air Ball – To miss the basket completely on a putt attempt

Albatross – Shooting three under par on a hole

Anhyzer(Anny) – A throw where the outside of the disc is pointed upward

Approach – A throw that lands close enough to the basket to putt

Back of the box – The last player to take the tee

Backhand – A throw where the disc is pulled across in front of your body

Bag Tag – Tag showing membership to a club attached to a disc golf bag

Band – Top circle around the basket

Basket – The target for each hole on a course (Basket Tips)

Bead – Ridge on the bottom of a disc, mostly found in putters

Beat In – A disc that has been used for so long that the flight pattern has changed over time

Bid – A throw that comes close to landing in the basket

Birdie – Shooting one under par on a hole

Birdie Fest – A string of birdies in a row

Black Ace – An ace shot that goes in the wrong basket

Bonus Birdie – A birdie that is very difficult, feels like an eagle

Bullseye – Landing around 5 ft away from the basket

Card – A group of players. During tournaments your given card is the other players on the same scorecard

Circle – A measurement of 10 meters around the basket. Used to determine rules for putting.

Come Back Putt – An attempted putt after throwing long on the basket

Crushed – A drive that goes max distance

CTP – Closest To Pin. Determining who had the closest shot to the basket

Dirty Ace – An ace that goes into an unexpected place such as a trash can or bottle holder

Disc – The circular object that is thrown while playing disc golf

Double Bogey – Shooting 2 strokes over par on a hole

Drive – A throw from the tee pad or in hopes to reach the maximum distance of the disc

Driver – The disc used to throw a drive. Usually higher speeds for longer flights

Drop-in – A very easy putt that can be dropped in the basket from the lie

Drop Zone – A marked area where the player must throw from if they miss a mandatory or go out of bounds

Eagle – Shooting two strokes under par on a hole

Escape Shot – A shot that gets the player out of a tough situation. Often used when escaping from behind trees or bushes

Fade – The natural direction the disc will fly when it reaches the end of the flight

Fairway – The surface in between the tee pad and the basket on a hole

Fairway Driver – A disc slower than the distance driver and faster than a midrange

Flex Shot – The flight pattern that occurs when throwing an overstable disc on an anhyzer release

Flick – A forehand or sidearm throw

Flight Path – The natural way the disc will fly when released at the correct speed

Forehand – A throw where the disc is thrown from the side of the body (see Flick, Sidearm)

Green – The area around the basket where putts most often occur

Grenade – A backhand throw that is released an an extreme angle so that the disc goes straight up and down

Grip Lock – When a player releases too late causing an inaccurate throw

Headwind – Wind that is pushing and blowing towards you. Causes the disc to lift up

Hyzer – A release angle where the disc is angled down and away from your body

Island – An area on a hole that the disc must land in to avoid a penalty stroke

Jump Putt – A putt that is only allowed outside of the circle(10 meters) in which a player jumps up from the ground while releasing the disc

Kick Out – When the disc hits the target area perfectly but doesn’t stay in the basket (see Spit Out)

Lay Up – A throw where the goal is to put yourself in a good position to attempt a putt

Lie – The mark of where your disc has landed and where you will throw from next

Line – The path that you are trying to get your disc to hit

Mandatory – A designated area that your disc must go within. This is often a tree that you must go around or inside

Marker – Small disc that indicates the lie. Usually used to know where to putt from

Mini – (See Marker)

Mid-Range – A disc that has a slower flight and better accuracy and consistency

Nose – The front of the disc that is used to determine the angle of a throw

Nose Down – When the nose of the disc is pointed slightly towards the ground. This will result in a shorter distance throw

Nose Up – When the nose of the disc is pointed slightly towards the sky. This will result in a shot that loses speed quickly

Out Of Bounds – A marked area that a disc can not be played from. Landing in an out of bounds area usually results in an additional stroke count or moving to a dropzone area

Overstable –  A stability level that causes the disc to pull from the release angle (Overstable Putters)

Overhead – A throw that is released above the shoulders, often called a tomahawk

Par – Shooting even on a hole

Parked – Shot that is executed perfectly and lands where planned

PDGA – Professional Disc Golf Association(PDGA Site) This is the membership for disc golfers, allowing people to play in sanctioned tournaments

Penalty Stroke – When an additional stroke is added to a player on a hole because of a mistake like going out of bounds or missing the mandatory

Play Through – This is when a group lets you skip ahead of them on a hole. This happens if one group is moving much quicker than another (Common Disc Golf Etiquette)

Power Grip – A grip that is used to maximize the distance achievable for a player. The grip has four fingers tucked away under the disc with the thumb on top for a backhand

Pull – A compliment given after a great drive, nice pull!

Push Putt – A type of putt where the disc is throw with very little spin and comes downward towards the basket

Putter – The slowest speed disc that is primarily used for putting action (5 Best Putting Tips)

Relief – When a lie is adjusted slightly because of an obstacle that isn’t supported. In certain holes you can move the disc slightly forward if you are near the water or an object like a trash can

Re-Throw – A second throw from the previous lie. Players can often choose to re-throw with a penalty if there other shot landing in a worse position

Rip – A compliment when throwing a great shot, great rip!

Roller – A type of throw where the side of the disc is rolling along the ground

Round – A complete game of disc golf. When 18 holes have been played you have completed a round

Scoober – Throwing style where the disc is upside down and thrown high and from in front of the body

Shot – A throw that occurs adding +1 to your shot total of a hole (see Stroke)

Sidearm – Type of throw in which your palm is facing the sky (see Forehand, Flick)(todo)

Skins – A competition where players compete to win money on each individual hole

Spike-Hyzer – A throw with the maximum hyzer angle that spikes down vertically

Spin Putt – A putt attempt that produces a high spin rate towards the basket

Spit Out – When the disc hits the target area perfectly but doesn’t stay in the basket(see Kick Out)

Stable – Stability level that causes the disc to stay on the angle it was released on

Stability – How the disc will fly when released at a certain nose angle

Straddle Putt – A putt attempt where the player stands will feet spread shoulder width pointing at the basket

Stroke – A throw that occurs adding +1 to your shot total of a hole (see Shot)

Tailwind – Wind that is pushing and blowing away from you. Causes the disc to push down

Target – The goal of a hole, referred to as the basket

Tee Pad – Area that starts each hole. Usually a longer hard material that provides good footing for a drive

Thumber – An overhead throw where only the thumb is inside the disc rim. Travels from left to right in the air

Tomahawk – An overhead throw where four fingers are inside the disc rim. Travels from right to left in the air

Tournament Director – The person who puts on and controls tournament decisions

Triple Bogey – Shooting 3 strokes over par on a hole

Turbo Putt – A putt grip where all fingers are on the outside of the disc rim. Thrown from the shoulder position with a spinning motion

Understable – Stability level that causes the disc to stray from the angle it was released on

Upshot – A shot that is throw close enough to the basket for a putt attempt

X-Step – The crossing pattern of feet used to open up the hips and generate more power on a backhand throw