What Are Mini Disc Golf Discs Used For?

When I first began playing disc golf I had never heard of a mini disc golf disc. I had no idea such a thing existed until I played with a friend who used one on every hole.

If you’ve been questioning what a mini is or why they are used, don’t worry we’ll cover everything from the purpose to the official PDGA rules regarding a mini marker.

What are mini disc golf discs used for?

The mini disc golf marker is a small disc used to mark the lie of the previous throw. The marker is placed on the ground so that it touches the front of the thrown disc and is directly in line with the current hole.  

What Are Mini Disc Golf Discs Used For

Advantages Of Using A Mini Disc Golf

The biggest advantage of using a mini in disc golf is that it provides you with an extra amount of space. If you don’t use a mini then you must leave your disc where it landed and throw from behind that.

When using a mini though, you place it at the front of your disc which gives you the entire disc size to find good footing. I find being a couple of inches closer to the basket very useful especially when focusing on putting.

I would definitely recommend using a mini at least while you putt just because of the consistency it helps you build. A large part of being a great putter is having a routine, and even if your routine is just placing the mini down in front of your disc, it should help you get into the right mindset.

Mini Marker Size

A lot of people enjoy buying or making a mini marker for use out on the course. If you plan on doing any official tournaments though it’s important to make sure you meet the standards provided by the PDGA.

pdga mini marker guidelines

According to the PDGA Technical Standards guide(Standards PDF), the mini marker disc must fall in between the range of 7cm to 15cm. They can also be made from an assortment of materials like wood, metal, or plastic.

When Can I Use A Mini Disc?

You can use a mini to mark your lie anytime that you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the fairway, stuck behind a tree in the woods, or going for a 15 foot putt.

I’m one of those players who likes to mark my disc with a mini on every throw. Visually I don’t like having my driver or midrange in front of me while I’m approaching and focusing on the hole.

It also helps get me to get into a rhythm because I have to slow down and mark my lie, giving me a little more time to think about how I want to throw.

Do I Need To Mark My Disc?

Casual Play

If you’re playing a round with your buddies I’ve found most people don’t use a mini to mark the lie. Like a lot of things on the course it depends on who you’re playing with and the level of play you’re going for.

Tournament Rules

According to the PDGA rules there is only one scenario where you must mark your lie. If your disc goes out of bounds(such as in the water on some courses) or when your previous throw has to be moved because of a rule, you must mark your position.

Other than that one circumstance above you do not need to mark a disc as long as you leave your previous throw where it landed. Obviously as we talked about above there are plenty of reasons to use a marker to your advantage, but it is not required in most cases.

If you would like to read more about marking your lie the official rules are linked below.

Marking Your Lie – PDGA

Custom Disc Golf Mini

Most pro shops or disc golf stores online had a good variety of mini markers discs. Sometimes players decide they want a custom made mini to show off to friends.

There are quite a few facebook groups that have an option to get a custom disc made for you, and I’ve listed a couple of sites below where you can upload an image or a design for a disc.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully at this point you understand what disc golf mini markers are and the reasons why you should use one. Next time you’re out at the course try using a marker on every hole and count how many times it helps out!