3 Best Disc Golf Bags With a Built-In Cooler [2023 Reviews & Guide]

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Dynamic Discs Commander Cooler Backpack

A comfortable bag that has the room to carry up to 14 discs, 2 water bottles, and a 6-pack.

It’s no surprise that lots of disc golfers enjoy having a nice cold drink while out playing a round or two. If it’s a sunny and hot day it’s a pain to bring water or other drinks and have them get warm after only a couple of holes.

Since most of us play with enough discs that we need a bag to carry them around, why not consider switching to a disc golf bag that comes with a built-in cooler?

For those of you that are still unsure on whether or not having a cooler directly in your bag is worth it, keep reading to find out the benefits and list of the best options.

If you get a disc golf bag with a cooler you’ll be able to:

  • Easily carry more liquid with you during the round
  • Play for hours while keeping your drinks cold
  • Bring enough drinks to play multiple rounds

The bags that I put on my list were chosen based on the disc capacity, storage space in the cooler, and overall comfort of the bag. These are the important determining factors and should be considered when browsing the market for other options.

Quick Answer: The best disc golf bags with an attached cooler are the:

  1. Dynamic Discs Commander Cooler Backpack
  2. Throwback Pack 2.0
  3. Disc Golf Cooler Bag

Cooler Bag Comparison Table

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Insulated cooler pouch fits 6-pack & two additional drink holders

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The Throwback Pack 2.0

The Throwback Pack 2.0

Two large insulated cooler pockets & two additional drink holders

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Disc Golf Cooler Bag with Removable Cooler

Disc Golf Cooler Bag with Removable Cooler

Insulated cooler fits up to nine cans & two additional drink holders

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Top 3 Best Disc Golf Bags With A Cooler

1. Dynamic Discs Commander Cooler Backpack

I’ve tried a few cooler backpacks over the last two years and none have impressed me as much as this one by Dynamic Discs. Right off the bat, I’ll let you know that even with a full 6-pack the bag can carry around 20 discs.

One of the best features of this bag is that the insulated cooler pouch can be removed, opening up more room for discs or other accessories. It’s nice having the option to bring other gear if you don’t need the full amount of space provided for drinks.

The Dynamic Discs Cooler Backpack has no problems with weight or durability, as its lightweight design and good construction will make it last for however many rounds you play.


  • Holds up to 20 discs, a 6-pack, 2 water bottles, and extra gear
  • Has a removable, insulated cooler pouch
  • Use the extra pockets for all of your disc golf gear
  • It’s lightweight and durable
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee


  • The straps can be uncomfortable with a full bag
  • It can have a tendency to stumble over

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to carry beverages around while playing disc golf, there is no better bag that you could get. With room for a 6-pack and two water bottles, there’s enough room for any player to bring what they need to the course. My disc golf rounds were a much better experience once I started using the Commander backpack!

Carry up to 14 discs and 6-8 drinks with you out on the disc golf course!

2. Throwback Pack 2.0

With the Throwback Pack 2.0, you’ll get a more affordable option that comes with two pockets that are insulated coolers. Each pocket can fit around three cans or bottles, and there’s also room for two water bottles on the back.

For disc capacity you can fit around 20 discs, depending on how many of each type of disc you have. My favorite thing about this bag is how sturdy it is while on the ground because of the plastic feet on the bottom.

If you’re only moving the Throwpack 2.0 a short distance, take advantage of the handle on top instead of dealing with putting it on and then off again. When you are wearing the bag it has padded straps and adjustable zippers for extra comfort on the course.


  • It has two cooler pockets that fit 3-4 drinks each
  • There are two removable dividers in the main section
  • Will carry between 20-25 discs
  • There are two water bottle holders on the back
  • Built with plastic feet for added stability


  • It will get pretty heavy with a fully loaded bag
  • If the plastic feet become uneven they can tip over

Final Verdict:

This is the best option if you want more space for drinks and less space for discs. People who play multiple rounds can definitely benefit from having all of this extra room in their bag for beverages.

A comfortable disc golf bag with two insulated coolers to keep fresh and hydrated while playing!

3. Disc Golf Cooler Bag

This disc golf bag has an insulated cooler in between two sections where you can store your discs. What I love about this bag is how easy it is to carry around and grab the items you need from the top.

It looks slightly different than most other bags because of the carrying straps. Even though it doesn’t fit as a normal backpack would, it can be worn over the shoulder or so it’s resting on your back while moving around.

This Disc Golf Cooler Bag has a disc capacity of around 13 discs, but it can fit up to 22 without a full cooler section. The actual section to keep the drinks has room for up to 9 cans, which is one of the most I’ve seen for these types of bags.


  • Will store up to 9 cans or 6 bottles in the middle insulated section
  • Easy to put on and take off with comfortable carrying straps
  • Has a separate section for your putter and mini marker


  • The bag doesn’t fit on the shoulders like most others
  • Only will carry 13 discs if the cooler is full

Final Verdict:

This cooler bag is designed more for maximizing the room for drinks instead of the overall disc capacity. It’s well built and I would recommend it to those disc golfers who prefer to carry a 6-pack throughout the day or those who play consecutive rounds without stopping.

A disc golf max that’s built to maximize the number of drinks you can carry! The insulated and removable cooler can store around 9 cans or 6 shorter bottles.

How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Bag With Cooler – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best cooler bags, let’s talk about the most important features to think about when looking at the available options.

Disc Capacity

Even though the amount of cooler space is important, we still need space for all of our discs. There’s no strict guideline in choosing the capacity as it depends on how many discs you normally throw.

I prefer a bag that has room for my standard disc set(around 12 discs), and then room for 3-4 drinks at least. You should also look into extra compartments so that you can fit your other gear like towels, mini, sunglasses, or chalk bags.

Cooler Storage

If the cooler in your bag only has room for one drink then it might be time to upgrade. I’ve found that most people would prefer to carry at least 2-3 drinks, so that’s a good starting spot for space.

For those disc golfers who play multiple rounds back to back, choosing a bag with less room for discs and more room for drinks should be your priority.


One thing about a bag full of drinks is that it can get heavy and uncomfortable to carry around. Look for bags with extra padding on the straps to help with the extra weight.

We also want to find a bag that’s lightweight on its own, so that once the discs and beverages are added it won’t be too much to handle.