Black Ace Disc Golf (Explained for Beginners)

An ace is one of the most sought-after and difficult things to do in disc golf. Many players end up playing for years and years before finally managing to experience the joy when it happens.

But, what happens if you get an ace on a shot that finds its way into the wrong basket?

Well, that’s what we call a black ace in disc golf, and it’s even more rare and difficult to get!

Black Ace Disc Golf

What is a Black Ace in Disc Golf?

A black ace in disc golf refers to a first throw where the disc goes in the basket on a different hole than the one you’re playing. They usually happen by grip-locking a shot or having the disc redirect off of a tree or sign on the course. These types of aces are very rare and require holes that are short and close together.

An example is if you were on hole 7 and your disc hit off of a tree, changed direction, and then ended up catching chains in the basket for hole 8.

Because most holes on a course are spaced out around the area, it’s difficult to have a shot that ends up in the wrong basket. It can happen, especially on small courses, and it will usually result in some laughs and maybe some taunting from your friends or card mates.

How is a Black Ace Scored?

If you happen to throw a black ace during a tournament you don’t receive any penalty for the shot. The only time you would is if the basket that you land in happens to be considered out of bounds, which means a one-stroke penalty is added to your score.

To continue play after the ace, the disc should be marked within one meter of the basket. The meter rule allows you to take a small amount of space(1 meter) for relief so that there is enough room to throw from your position.

For local tournaments, you’ll find all sorts of fun rules that people follow with these shots. It’s pretty rare to throw or see one in person, so a lot of people will pay out five dollars to everyone else on their card.

Other times people will ‘pay out’ and buy a beer for the other people they’re playing with. This is more likely if the ace happens during a round with some buddies.

Black Ace During Pro Tournaments

There aren’t too many black aces caught on camera, especially not during a round by professional disc golfers. Here’s a clip from 2019 where Seth Burton found himself hitting a black ace on hole 7 of Orange Crush.

Final Thoughts

Black aces are rare shots where a player gets an ace in the wrong basket for the hole they’re playing. Even though I’ve never actually managed to throw a black ace, I’ve come close to hitting the basket and have seen two friends hit one a few years ago.

During a fun round with friends, it can be fun to mess around and attempt to hit a black ace. There aren’t too many consecutive holes where it seems like a possibility, but if you find one it might be worth giving it a shot.