About Us


Welcome! At Discing Daily, the goal is to share anything and everything about disc golf. These are the main categories that I write about:

  • Disc Reviews
  • Recommended Gear
  • Course Reviews
  • Disc Golf Tips

Who Writes The Blog

This blog is written by myself, Dylan Miller, an avid disc golfer and enjoyer of everything outdoors. I’ve been playing disc golf for the last decade and am always learning something new while on the course!

Why I Created Discing Daily

I can remember my first experience playing disc golf and the extreme joy that I felt after that first round. What started as a fun activity quickly became more of a passion as I dove in to learn everything I could about the sport.

After a while, I began to help other friends and family to improve on their game, which gave me the great idea to start a website! So, here at Discing Daily I can share with others my love and knowledge of this always-exciting sport.