Discraft Luna Review (Best Throws and Benefits)

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The Discraft Luna is the first putter that was made for the Paul McBeth line. As the primary putter for McBeth, the Luna is more overstable than most on the market.

Made with a unique plastic blend of the Jawbreaker with increased durability, the Luna feels great in the hand. It provides a great low glide with decent fade which makes it a solid choice for a throwing putter.

In this review, I’ll be covering all the features, specs, and common shot uses that are perfect for the Discraft Luna.

A great flying putter with maximum control and feel. Allows you to shape any shot needed on the course.

Overview of the Discraft Luna

Switching your putter can be one of the most difficult adjustments to make while playing. There are so many little details like grip, weight, plastic that make certain putters work well for some players. However, I found switching to the Luna very easy and it didn’t take very long to see an improvement in the putting game.

One interesting thing about the Luna is that it was co-designed by 5-time champion Paul McBeth. As part of this process, they decided to use a unique plastic blend that contains the popular Jawbreaker material. This helps the disc feel comfortable in the hand and to throw for most holes on the course.

A neutral flying putter, the Luna almost seems like it was designed specifically for those wooded courses that can be so challenging. With the great control that you can get out of this disc, it’s no surprise how much I ended up pulling this out of my bag to save me in the woods. Between the Luna and Zone, I am absolutely loving the utility that these new Discraft discs can provide.

Putting With the Discraft Luna

The first thing that I noticed about the Luna is just how straight it goes when putting. Even on putts from outside the circle, it will fly consistently on the line you threw it as long as you get some spin on the disc.

For hyzer release putts it will keep a consistent path that fades back down towards the ground, hopefully falling right in the basket! If you are more of a straight putter you’ll find that you can get great glide going straight at it before it begins to fade.

Upshots and Approach Shots

You can get away with really ripping this disc, backhand or forehand, open field or wooded hole. Get a clean release and watch as you hit the perfect line and fade slowly and reliably towards the basket.

Who Is the Discraft Luna For?

This is the perfect disc for players who are aggressive on their putts both inside and outside of the circle. I’ve tried the disc with all types of putting styles and have had no complaints about the flight and consistency of the putter.

If you are considering buying more of a throwing putter, I still think you could find room in your bag for the Luna. The 3 glide on this disc seems to undersell the amount of glide and distance that you can get out of a good throw. Combine consistent fade with maximum control and you have a good idea of the value in this disc.

For wooded courses, you’ll be glad to have a type of disc like the Luna. If you watch any of the PDGA tournaments and see McBeth on the coverage, pay attention to the type of shots that he can shape with the Luna.

Discraft Luna Flight Path

Discraft Luna Flight Path
Right-Handed Backhand – Photo by Discraft

Discraft Luna Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Speed 3, Glide 3, Turn 0 and Fade 3
  • Available Plastics: Jawbreaker/Rubber Blend (read about Discraft plastics)
  • Weight: 160-174g
  • Stability: Stable
  • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone
  • Beadless: Yes

Discraft Luna Review Specs

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Final Verdict – Discraft Luna

This is a very solid putter that offers great performance with utility shots while out on the course. After trying the Luna out for a few rounds. I most definitely recommend the disc to anyone who wants a consistent, straighter putter.

If you want more confidence in your approach shots this is the disc to try. I can’t even describe how much more comfortable I am while playing in the woods now that I’ve added this to my arsenal. The forehand glide is perfect for tunnel shots and you need to get a slower-moving disc right through.

You can check the price of the Discraft Luna on Amazon here.