How Much Does a PDGA Membership Cost? (Is It Worth It?)

Joining the PDGA is the first step in competing against other players in PDGA sanctioned events and tournaments. In this article, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about becoming a member, including the benefits and any downsides.

How much does a PDGA membership cost and is it worth the total price?

PDGA Sanctioned Event
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The Total Cost of a PDGA Membership 

There are three different memberships available at the PDGA that all have different associated costs. The Junior membership costs $30, while an Amateur membership costs $50, and the Professional membership is priced at $75.

After becoming a member, the membership must be renewed each calendar year at the same price you paid during the previous year. Besides buying new discs, this is the biggest cost for disc golfers who want to belong to a league.

Different Types of PDGA Memberships

The three levels of memberships at the PDGA all come with different prices but all items and benefits are included in each one.

  • Junior Membership – Only for the younger members who are under the age of 18.
  • Amateur Membership – For disc golfers who will be participating in any PDGA events.
  • Professional Membership – For players who will be participating and accepting cash prized at any PDGA events.

When you become a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association, new members also get the following as part of the package.

PDGA Membership Package

  • A subscription to the Discgolfer monthly magazine
  • One free UDisc Pro account and subscription
  • Up to a 10% discount at PDGA stores
  • The official rulebook for disc golf
  • A mini marker, logo disc, membership card, PDGA sticker, and reusable scorecard

PDGA Membership Disc

As a PDGA member, one nice item that’s included in the membership package is their official logo disc. The actual disc and logo change each year, so there’s no way of knowing which disc you’ll receive each year.

Some of the discs that were sent in the past few years were a Latitude 64 Explorer, Latitude 64 Compass, and a Discraft Stalker.

PDGA Membership Discount

The PDGA does offer a family discount, which will reduce the cost of the membership when two or more members live at the same address.

When a second family member registers for membership they’ll get a five-dollar discount on their account. This applies to any player who signs up and shares an address.

The only difference in the family discount is that only one DiscGolfer magazine subscription will be created and sent to the first member who signed up.

Premium Membership Levels

Alongside the base membership, there are three levels, Birdie, Ace, and Eagle club that cost more and come with additional benefits.

  • Birdie Club – $50 cost and comes with the birdie club official disc and bag tag.
  • Ace Club – $100 cost and comes with a logo shirt, metal mini, PDGA logo disc, and bag tag
  • Eagle Club – $2,000 cost and comes with a lifetime membership, logo jacket, two personalized PDGA logo discs

Besides receiving the above, these premium costs go towards enabling the PDGA to build up its program and continue to improve any sanctioned event for all players. Designing and maintaining disc golf courses is one main focus that the clubs help to improve.

How Long Do The Memberships Last?

Each membership lasts until December 31st in the year that it was purchased. So, the best way to get the most for your money is to purchase the membership in January so that you have the benefits for an entire year.

When becoming a new member you can sign up for 5 years at a time. After you’re a member of the organization, your membership can be renewed each year for the same cost that you spent the first time.

Is a PDGA Membership Worth It?

The PDGA membership is worth the price if you plan on competing in any of the sanctioned events. It also gives you the opportunity to participate in all events and have the chance of winning prizes or cash payouts. But, if you don’t plan on playing in tournaments then the cost isn’t worth it unless you’re just trying to support the PDGA and the great game of disc golf.

All of the membership benefits are sent out immediately when the registration process is finished. There are also nice features included like using the UDisc app to share your best scores with other members!

Just by itself, the pro option of the UDisc app costs $14.99 each year. If you’re already paying for that version each year, it’ll cut down the cost over time.

Can Your Membership Be Transferred?

According to the PDGA terms of use, all memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Every PDGA member is assigned a unique number that will stay attached to that account at all times, even if the membership is canceled.

This individual number is how players can sign up for tournaments, and each number can actually be searched. Using the provided number you can find statistics and past event history for each member of the PDGA.

Final Thoughts – PDGA Membership Cost

The cost to join the PDGA ranges from $30 to $75 dollars depending on the age and type of events that the new member will be participating in. Players who are under 18 have the lowest cost to join.

Even though there are three different tiers and prices, every member will receive the same benefits package that comes with the membership each season.

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