Discraft Plastics (Easy & Complete Guide)

With the huge number of plastics in disc golf, I know it can be difficult to understand when and why you should throw certain blends.

To help out, I’ve put together a list of all the Discraft plastics in hope that you’ll gain a better understanding of each blend.

The stability and durability of each plastic change between disc golf brands, and with the Discraft plastic types it’s no different. If you’re interested in the benefits of just one plastic, you can find a more in-depth guide to each one down below!

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Comparison Of Discraft Plastics

Plastic Grade Description
ESP Premium High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
Z Premium Lite Maximum durability | Reliable flight patterns | Offers a variety of colors
Z FLX Gummy Premium High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
Titanium Super Durable High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
GLO Glow Lights up in the dark | Most basic plastic
Big Z Durable Maximum durability | Reliable flight patterns | Offers a variety of colors
Z Lite Durable Light Great option for beginners | Lightweight design | Similar to Z Line
X Pro Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
Jawbreaker Premium Base Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
Pro D Base Great grip | Good value | Variety of discs | Not durable

ESP Plastic

High performance, made for all skill levels including pros

Discraft ESP Line Plastic

The ESP line by Discraft offers a great combination of durability and grip. This plastic was first released in 2006, is very similar to the Z Line, and is one of the higher valued plastics. It’s slightly less durable than the Z Line but has a much better value for grip on the disc.

Benefits of ESP Line:

  • High performance
  • Pro caliber level
  • Balanced between grip and durability
  • More grip than Z Line
  • More durability than X line

Popular ESP Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Stalker – Control Driver

Punisher – Distance Driver

Raptor – Control Driver

Z Plastic

Maximum durable plastic, translucent and offers many bright colors

Discraft Z Line Plastic

One of the most popular plastic blends on the market, the Z line is the most durable and highest performance plastics. A lot of pros who throw Discraft bag this plastic type because it is long-lasting, has consistent flight patterns, and has very few downsides overall.

Benefits of Z Line:

  • Maximum durability
  • Translucent color
  • The choice of most pros
  • Stiff and overstable
  • Comes in many bright colors

Popular Z Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Undertaker – Control Driver

Nuke – Distance Driver

Thrasher – Distance Driver

Z FLX Plastic

Best grip, all-weather blend

Discraft Z FLX Line Plastic

Although there are other blends that have the Discraft FLX technology, the Z FLXis the most popular and readily available plastic of its type. Discs made with this blend still have high durability, but also have more flexibility in the disc shape and shot type. These discs can be bent all over and still regain their original shape and form, which makes them a great option for conditions that are wet or cold.

Benefits of Z FLX Line:

  • Retains original shape, form, and stability
  • Great for cold or wet days on the course
  • Maximum grip provided
  • Soft and flexible

Popular Z FLX Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Crank – Distance Driver

Titanium Plastic

Maximum grip, tack, and durability

Discraft Titanium Line Plastic

One of Discrafts newest blends, Titanium plastic came out in 2012 and has been a huge seller since then. This plastic is super durable, stylish, and overall creates some amazing discs. Many pro disc golfers prefer to use the Titanium line as well since it’s more stable and gives you a great grip on the disc.

Benefits of Titanium Line:

  • Tacky and grippy grip
  • Long disc life
  • High-performance combination
  • Ultra-premium plastic

Popular Titanium Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Focus – Putt & Approach

GLO Plastic

Durable material that excels during glow rounds at night

Discraft GLO Line Plastic

If you’ve never been disc golfing at night, let me tell you it’s a unique and fun experience. Of course, you need the right equipment to have a good time. That’s where the GLO Line comes into play. This plastic is made to be seen at night so that people can play night rounds. Other than that it’s still a pretty good quality plastic that is decently durable.

Benefits of GLO Line:

  • Glows in the dark
  • Let’s you continue playing into dusk
  • Pretty durable for the cost

Popular GLO Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

GLO Nuke – Distance Driver

GLO Buzzz – Mid Range

Big Z Plastic

Superior Durability, Made in solid colors

Discraft Big Z Line Plastic

Hitting trees while playing disc golf is just part of the game, but it never feels good to damage a disc on the course. The Big Z Line plastic blend is the most durable that Discraft makes. You’ll have no worries about what this disc hits because it’s long-lasting and will keep its flight pattern through anything.

Benefits of Big Z Line:

  • The most durable option from Discraft
  • Nice looking single-colored designs
  • Highest-performing plastic
  • Resistance to wear and tear

Popular Big Z Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Undertaker – Control Driver

Punisher – Distance Driver

Z Lite Plastic

The lightweight option of the original Z plastic

Discraft Z Lite Line Plastic

One great thing about Discraft is the number of options that they have for plastic. The Z Lite plastic gives you the same great benefits as the Z Line, the only difference being it’s lightweight because of the injected air. Discs made in this plastic can be great for beginners or players with slower arm speeds.

Benefits of Z Lite Line:

  • Very lightweight
  • A good choice for those with less arm speed

Popular Z Lite Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Check here for new Z Lite Line discs

X Plastic

Great grip, tackiness, and improved durability

Discraft X Line Plastic

X plastic offers some of the best grips around and it lasts in any condition. Even when the plastic is wet I’ve never had issues gripping or throwing the disc. Take the great grip and combine it with the consistent flights and it makes sense why the X Line has been a favorite of disc golfers for years.

Grab a few X line discs, throw them in your disc golf cart, and have a blast on your favorite course!

Benefits of X Line:

  • Quality upgrade compared to D Line
  • A great amount of grip and tackiness
  • Stays comfortable and grippy even when wet

Popular X Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Check here for new X Line discs

Jawbreaker Plastic

Bright color combinations with consistent flight and comfort

Discraft Jawbreaker Line Plastic

The Jawbreaker blend provides some of the coolest looking discs I’ve ever seen. Discraft created a blend with polymers that give it a boost in durability so that these can be thrown without wearing down too quickly. As you can see from above, the grip provided is the real selling point and it definitely helps all players get a clean release and good throw.

Benefits of Jawbreaker Line:

  • Awesome color combination design
  • A great amount of grip that’s slightly firm and tacky
  • Fewer wobble issues than other plastics

Popular Jawbreaker Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Challenger – Putt & Approach

Pro D Plastic

Great grip with a stellar value

Discraft Pro D Line Plastic

When trying to get the best value in plastic, the Pro D line is where you should be looking. This blend is cheaper than others but still provides great grip and has a variety of discs. You can find almost any Discraft disc in this plastic so no worries about filling your disc golf bag.

Benefits of Pro D Line:

  • Great value for bulk buying
  • The increased grip makes this a perfect option for putters

Popular Pro D Line Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Roach – Putt & Approach

Rattler – Putt & Approach

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