Innova TeeRex Review (For Power Throwers Who Want Distance)

The Innova TeeRex is a great power driver that’s very overstable and performs well in windy conditions.

Since the disc is so overstable, it’s common to see sidearm throws, power drives, and consistent fading shots towards the basket.

The rest of this TeeRex review covers the benefits to using the driver, the best plastics available, and how difficult it is to throw.

Overview of the Innova TeeRex

I’ve always been a massive sidearm player, so of course that’s what I initially went to when trying out the TeeRex. I found the disc to be comfortable in my hand and very easy to get a lot of power and spin behind my throw.

One of my favorite things about the TeeRex is how dependable and hard the fade is at the end of the flight. I can throw a nice hyzer out, and watch it swing back towards my landing zone.

Innova TeeRex

Innova TeeRex Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: 11 Speed, 4 Glide, 0 Turn, 4 Fade
  • Plastics: Star
  • Weight: 170-175g
  • Stability: Overstable
  • Fade: Maximum
  • Primary Use: Distance
  • Skill Level: Advanced

Innova TeeRex Features

Plastic Types

The TeeRex can only be found in one of the basic plastic molds, the Star TeeRex.

  • Star – The Star plastic mold gives your disc the durability of the Champion plastic, while offering up more overall grip. It’s similar to the Pro line for comfort and grip, but is more firm. Most of the Innova discs are manufactured in this plastic at least since it’s durable, performs great in all weather, and is cheaper than their premium plastics.

Read all about every Innova plastic grade in my complete guide.

Available Weights

The TeeRex can be found with a minimum weight of 170 grams and a maximum weight of 175 grams.

Best Throws for the Innova TeeRex

For most players, the best throws for the Innova TeeRex are:

  • Tailwind
  • Sidearm
  • Hyzer

Tailwind – Tailwinds will work to assist and propel your disc forward since it will be moving in the same direction as the disc. Because the disc is pushed down towards the ground, this sort of wind causes the disc to be more overstable and have less glide.

Sidearm – Overstable discs that provide a lot of grip in the hand are often excellent for sidearm throws. A good forehand requires a clean release and spin, and this disc has a wide enough rim to enable you to create a strong, powerful throw.

Hyzer – Hyzer is the angle of release for a right-handed backhand thrower, with the outside edge or left edge tilted downward. A disc released with a hyzer will travel to the left faster than one thrown flat. If you want your disc to go further to the left, use more hyzer (RHBH).

TeeRex Stability and Turn

An overstable disc is a type of disc designed to resist turning over, or ‘hyzering out’, during flight. This makes them ideal for players with powerful throws, or for those who need to shape shots around obstacles.

Like mentioned above, the overstability of the TeeRex makes it a great forehand disc.

Which Players Should Use the Innova TeeRex?

A distance driver is a type of driver that’s designed to be thrown very long distances with a lot of power.

They are the fastest flying discs with the farthest reaching flight paths of any type of golf disc, and are therefore used when maximum distance is needed. 

Distance drivers typically have a speed rating of 12 or 13, meaning they are designed to be thrown by players with a very powerful arm.

These are the major benefits of using a distance driver:

  • Getting closer to the basket on long distance holes
  • Designed with more speed, glide, and flexibility in shot types

The TeeRex is actually more advanced than most drivers, and is generally intended for players with a lot of experience. They’re typically harder to control the angle and speed of so that the disc doesn’t turn or flip during flight.

Where Can You Find the Innova TeeRex?

As an experienced player, my preferred place to look for certain disc golf discs like the TeeRex is at any local disc golf shop in my state. If I can’t find the disc in-store, there are two online shops that I always prefer to shop at.


They have plenty of disc options and show unique images of each individual disc that you can sort through, look at, and buy.

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Final Review

Hopefully, this in-depth review of the Innova TeeRex taught you something new or interesting about the disc. It’s definitely designed for power throwers, and players who have spent some time out on the course.

If you want to learn more about Innova discs, I wrote this detailed guide on the best Innova Drivers.