Complete Guide to Innova Plastics (Updated 2023)

Innova has a long history of making dependable and consistent discs, and it all starts with their different plastic blends. It can be quite overwhelming to try and understand the different plastics and what makes each of them different and unique.

Since there are so many different plastics I wanted to share my complete guide to all the Innova Plastics.

Before you get started look over the quick plastic comparison table down below to get an overview of each blend. Then if you want more information on each plastic, I’ll go over the durability, grip, and benefits of each plastic type!

Innova Plastics

Comparison Of Innova Plastics

Plastic Grade Description
Star Premium High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
StarLite Premium Lite Great option for beginners | Lightweight design | Similar to Star Line
Echo Star Recycled High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
Gummy Premium High durability | Great grip | Tacky feel | Long-lasting disc life
Champion Durable Maximum durability | Reliable flight patterns | Offers a variety of colors
Metal Flake
Durable Maximum durability | Reliable flight patterns | Offers a variety of colors
Blizzard Durable Light Great option for beginners | Lightweight design | Similar to Champion Line
XT Pro
Premium Base Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
Driver Pro
Pro Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
KC Pro
Hard Premium Base Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
JK & R-Pro
Soft Premium Base Increased durability | Comfortable feel | Consistent Flight | Great grip
Base Great grip | Good value | Variety of discs | Not durable

Star Plastic

High performance, longevity, and superior grip

Star Plastic Stats

The Star Line offers the same improved grip like the Pro plastic with the long-lasting durability of the Champion plastic. It’s created with a unique blend of polymers that provide great grip and resilience when being thrown. For throwing, you’ll even get the same flight characteristics as other Champion made discs.

Benefits of Star Plastic:

  • High performance
  • As durable as the more expensive Champion plastic
  • A grip that competes with Pro plastic
  • Good for all weather conditions
  • Retains its flight characteristics longer than DX and Pro plastic

Popular Star Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Roadrunner – Control Driver

StarLite Plastic

Lightweight and high-speed premium discs

StarLite Characteristics

This line of plastic continues to have the same benefits as the Star plastic listed above. One key difference is that StarLite discs have microbubbles built into the disc, the same ones offered in Blizzard plastic. Because of this technology, the discs will be lighter, faster, premium, and can even go as low as 130 grams on their drivers.

Benefits of StarLite Plastic:

  • Comes in many bright colors
  • Has the most options available
  • Great durability
  • Provides consistent and reliable flights

Popular StarLite Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Boss – Distance Driver

Echo Star Plastic

Environmentally friendly, recycled plastic

Echo Star Characteristics

One of the most interesting plastics available from Innova is the Echo Star blend. It was created as an option that helps reduce the waste when making discs. These high performing discs are made from reprocessed plastic and cut down on waste by at least 50%. Compared to the other premium plastics at Innova, the Echo Star line shares the same durability with an overall superior grip.

Benefits of Echo Star Plastic:

  • Minimizes the waste in producing discs
  • Same great durability as other premium plastics
  • Provides consistent predictable performance on the course

Popular Echo Star Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Check here for Echo Star discs

GStar Plastic

All-weather blend with high flexibility and grip

GStar Characteristics

The GStar line is the blend with the best combination of flexibility and grip. When thrown, GStar discs show a consistent and gradual flight transition with a reliable finish. It has the durability to match the Star line with the advantage of superior grip that makes it the perfect choice for playing in cold or warm weather.

Benefits of GStar Plastic:

  • High flexibility
  • Reliable flight and finish
  • Durability that matches the Star line
  • All-weather blend with a grip that won’t fade

Popular GStar Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova TeeBird – Control Driver

Champion Plastic

Outstanding performance and durability

Champion Characteristics

One of Innovas best materials has to be the Champion plastic. These discs are designed for professional players which means this high-tech plastic has the best overall performance and durability. You’ll also find that these discs are more stable when compared to the same disc in a different plastic. It can be easy to spot Innova Champion discs by their distinct clear appearance and plain colors.

Benefits of Champion Plastic:

  • More firm and stable than other plastics
  • Will perform at the highest level for the longest
  • Firm plastic helps protect the disc from potential damage

Popular Champion Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Destroyer – Distance Driver

Metal Flake Plastic

Retain flight characteristics

Metal Flake Characteristics

Besides looking super cool, the Metal Flake line by Innova shares the same characteristics as Champion discs. The main addition of course is the sparkling metal flakes built into the disc which makes the disc keep its form for longer. You can also find your favorite discs in a heavier weight if they’re made with the metal flake technology.

Benefits of Metal Flake Plastic:

  • Based on the flight and durability of Champion plastic
  • Has small metal flakes that can be seen in the disc
  • Keeps the disc form for longer

Popular Metal Flake Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Check here for Metal Flake discs

Blizzard Plastic

Stable, lightweight, premium discs

Blizzard Characteristics

Just like with the StarLite line, Blizzard technology is built using thousands of microbubbles. This technology makes premium discs that are high speed and lightweight compared to their counterpoints. These Blizzard discs have similar flight patterns even if they differ in weight by up to 20 grams.

Benefits of Blizzard Plastic:

  • Discs lighter than 135 grams float in water
  • Lightweight but very high speed
  • Flight characteristics remain the same across different weights

Popular Blizzard Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Boss – Distance Driver

XT Pro Plastic

The best available grip that feels great in the hand

XT Pro Characteristics

Originally designed for the Innova Nova and Innova Atlast, the XT Pro plastic has now spread out to a variety of disc options. It’s a tough plastic blend with some of the best grip around and durability that is close to other premium plastics. XT is less firm than the R-Pro and KC Pro series.

Benefits of XT Pro Plastic:

  • Firm and durable plastic
  • Perfect for all weather conditions
  • Most affordable and best value

Popular XT Pro Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Mako3 – Mid Range

Driver Pro Plastic

Affordable plastic with maximum glide

Pro Line Characteristics

The Pro line is created using a unique plastic blend that ensures increased durability and a better grip compared to the other blends by Innova. It’s a very affordable material and most discs that they manufacture have Pro plastic as an option.

Benefits of Pro Plastic:

  • Most affordable material
  • Better durability than DX plastic
  • Better grip than Champion plastic

Popular Pro Plastic Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Aviar-X – Putt & Approach

KC Pro Plastic

Comfortable and great for putting

KC Pro Characteristics

Professional disc golfer Ken Climo was the player who the KC Pro plastic was designed for. Along with Ken, World Champion Paul McBeth used this Innova plastic for years. This plastic has benefits that work well  with putters and midranges, so that’s where you’ll most likely find this blend.

Benefits of KC Pro Plastic:

  • Great value for bulk buying of discs
  • The increased grip works well for all putters

Popular KC Pro Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Aviar3 – Putt & Approach

JK & R-Pro Plastic

Comfortable and great for putting

JK and R-Pro Characteristics

The R-Pro line has the best all-weather grip and feel, and is much softer than the other pro blends. Its increased flexibility makes it the perfect choice for all of your putters and mid ranges. Similar to the R-Pro, the JK pro plastic came before R-Pro and also has the same soft and grippy feel.

Benefits of JK and R-Pro Plastic:

  • Stays soft and comfortable in all weather
  • Will increase grip while playing
  • More economic than the Star and Champion lines

Popular JK and R-Pro Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Bulldog – Mid Range

DX Plastic

Affordable discs with the widest selection of models and weight

DX Characteristics

When you want to buy discs in bulk, the best value you’ll get is in DX plastic. The plastic is affordable, has excellent grip, and remains comfortable in your hand even when it wears down. Eventually, after being thrown enough, the flight characteristic will begin to shift, allowing for new throwing options.

Benefits of DX Plastic:

  • Affordable
  • Widest selection of discs
  • Flight patterns will change will enough use

Popular DX Discs (view on InfiniteDiscs):

Innova Aviar – Putt & Approach

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