3 Best Disc Golf Carts [2023 Reviews & Guide]

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Dynamic Discs EZ Cart

Sturdy frame with all-terrain tubeless tires for even the roughest of disc golf courses.


In disc golf, there seems to be a natural progression when it comes to the equipment that we end up using. A lot of people navigate towards a disc golf bag when they first begin playing, without even considering using a disc golf cart instead.

Without a disc golf cart, you might find yourself limited on the number of discs that you can carry, along with other gear that might be necessary for playing your best game. Having the ability to carry and throw any number of discs without hurting your back from carrying them is a massive benefit to how well you can play on the course.

With a disc golf cart you’ll be able to:

  1. Carry more discs
  2. Bring more equipment & accessories
  3. Put less pressure on your back
  4. Have a place to sit during rounds

If any of the benefits above sound like something that you’d like to take advantage of, keep on reading to see my recommended disc golf carts! All of the cart options that I go over have been chosen using the three main factors of storage capacity, durability, weight, and other additions like a seat or storage holder.

Key Points in this Buyer’s Guide:

  • Storage Capacity
  • Durability
  • Cart Weight
  • Extra Additions

Top 3 Best Disc Golf Carts

Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by ZÜCA

Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by ZÜCA

10.6 lbs

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Dynamic Discs Compact Cart by ZÜCA

Dynamic Discs Compact Cart by ZÜCA

10 lbs

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MVP Disc Sports Rover Disc Golf Cart

MVP Disc Sports Rover Disc Golf Cart

11 lbs

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1. Dynamic Discs EZ Cart

Size: 26.52″H x 24″W x 16″D (including wheels)
Weight: 10.6 lbs
Additional Features: 2 water bottle holders, extra storage section

Gift yourself an amazing cart like the EZ Cart by Dynamic Discs. It’s an easy to move cart, being built with a sturdy handle and a strong storage shelf that will hold your favorite disc golf bag.

For capacity, there are three different key features to talk about. The main feature is the top of the cart which is where the bag holding your discs is attached. This is designed to carry any sized bag, so the only limit on disc capacity is how many you can fit in your bag.

Below that there’s an open section that can be used as extra storage space and will hold even more discs, towels, or gear. Lastly, there are two bottle holders located on the back of the main frame, so there’s really room to store all of the equipment that you need.

This cart does not provide a seat to use when you’re not moving around. Since the bag slides and sits on the top of the frame, there isn’t any way to use it as a seat or attach one anywhere.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Separate storage area
  • Fits any sized bag
  • All-terrain tubeless foam tires
  • Compact storage with removable wheels
  • 51″ moving handle


  • No seat for this cart
  • You need a disc golf bag already
Final Verdict:
The EZ Cart by Zuca is the best all-around cart that you can find at this point. It’s sturdy, easy to move around, and can accommodate any bag that you want to use.

2. Dynamic Discs Compact Cart

Size: 22″H x 20″W x 17″D (including wheels)
Weight: 10.0 lbs
Additional Features: 2 water bottle holders, side pouches for storage, built-in seat

This compact cart from Dynamic Discs is pretty similar to the EZ cart in terms of durability and how easy they both are to transport. Some key differences between the two are the built-in seat and built-in bag for disc storage.

If you’re wondering about storage capacity, the main compartment on this cart can hold up to 15 discs depending on what type of discs you’re carrying. The cart also has two side pockets that can fit a couple discs each if you have even more discs you want to carry.

My favorite part of this cart has to be the seat that is built at the top of the frame. Not all disc golf courses have benches or other places to sit during a round or tournament, so having one right next to you is a huge benefit. The frame is built well and strong and can support up to 300 pounds.


  • Easy to navigate all terrains
  • Comes with side pouches for storage
  • Holds up to 300 lbs


  • Doesn’t hold as many discs as some bags
  • One color option
Final Verdict:
This cart is slightly more expensive than others on the market, but it comes with features like bottle holders, a built-in bag for holding discs, and a seat available on the top of the cart. If you’re looking for a cart that will last and has some nice to have features, check out the compact cart by Zuca.

3. MVP Disc Sports Rover Disc Golf Cart

Size: 18″H x 11″W x 9″D (including wheels)
Weight: 11.0 lbs
Additional Features: 2 water bottle holders, adjustable handle

This cart from MVP has a very different design than most of the other carts that are popular among disc golfers. If you want a disc golf cart that’s is designed to be easy to use and take the weight off your shoulders while playing, the lightweight Rover is the way to go.

The amount of discs that you can carry with this cart depends on what type of disc golf bag you’re using. At the bottom, you’ll see the open section that can fit most standard bags on the market. There aren’t any additional storage sections but there are a couple of water bottle holders attached to the back of the frame and an attached strap that comes included.

One nice feature of this cart is that the handle can be removed for transporting and can even be adjusted to different heights. With foam tires, you can move the cart over rocks, branches, and other rough terrains without any worry about the tires going flat.


  • Adjustable and easily detachable handle
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to adjust handle and move around the course
  • Lightweight cart


  • No instructions included for set up
  • Need to have a disc golf bag to use with the cart
  • Drink holders located pretty low
  • Some bags might not fit perfectly in the holder
Final Verdict:
If you’re looking for a very simple cart that’s lightweight, easy to transport, and has minimal additional features, the MVP Rover is a good choice. When using this cart, you’ll have no issues pulling it through any course, and it definitely helps make the disc golf experience better.

How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Cart – Buyer’s Guide

  • Storage Capacity
  • Durability
  • Cart Weight
  • Extra Additions

If you decide to look around at other carts on the market, my advice is to focus on the features above as the most important things to look for. I consider these the main benefits and reasons to upgrade from a bag to a disc golf cart.

Storage Capacity

Obviously, as disc golfers, we love to carry as many discs as possible even if we don’t plan on throwing them all. One advantage of using a cart over a bag is that they can allow you to have more disc options when you’re out on the course.

Some of the carts also come with even more storage space for things like a water bottle, disc golf towel, or other accessories and gear. So be sure to think about what equipment you usually carry around with you, and if there are additional things you could bring with a new cart.


Since these carts will be going over whatever the terrain of the disc golf course is, they need to be well designed, sturdy, and durable for anything that they’ll be pulled over. That means we want wheels that won’t break down over time, and a handle that is easy to control and navigate with.

Cart Weight

Having a durable cart is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of pulling a heavy cart all day. Going from hole to hole and having to maneuver a cart that is weighing you down would not make for a good experience.

Extra Additions

There are plenty of disc golf accessories that can help improve our game and enjoyment of discing. With extra pockets and features like a built-in seat, you could guarantee that you’ll have everything that you could possibly need for a great day of disc golf.