Top 3 Best Disc Golf Retrievers For 2022

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When you see your disc sitting out of reach at the bottom of the pond, pull out this retriever to save the day. It only takes a few seconds to throw this out and rescue a disc that’s as far as 35′ away. Get a retriever now to save money later on by recovering all of your lost discs!


One accessory that I found to be very underrated among players is a disc golf retriever.

There’s no shame in admitting that all of us disc golfers throw a bad shot every once in a while. If you’re unlucky like me, that most likely means your disc has ended up in the one place with water on the course.

That’s why I always carry a retriever or pole stored away in my bag for those times when I’ll need it. There has been a surprising amount of times where I’m able to help someone else on the course get their disc back when it’s just out of reach.

Quick Answer: The best disc golf retrievers are:

  1. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Golden Retriever
  2. Hive Disc Golf Accessories Disc Claw Retriever
  3. Grabber Tool w/ Hook

Disc Golf Retriever Comparison Table

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Golden RetrieverDynamic Discs Disc Golf Golden Retriever

The overall best retriever that you can buy. It’s small and compact enough to fit inside the side pockets on most bags.

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Hive Disc Golf Accessories Disc Claw RetrieverHive Disc Golf Accessories Disc Claw Retriever

Best budget retriever that offers a double-sided frame that makes it easier to latch onto the lost discs.

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EMILYPRO Telescopic Push/Pull Rod Wire Reacher Grabber ToolEMILYPRO Telescopic Push/Pull Rod Wire Reacher Grabber Tool

The grabber tool is the best option for getting discs out of trees. It has less reach than most other retrievers but it works well for multiple situations.

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A budget retriever option that comes in over 5 different colors, reaches up to 30 feet and includes a ring attached to the rope for safety. It’s very easy to use and nicely folds up to take minimal storage space while it’s away.

Top 3 Best Disc Golf Retriever Reviews

1. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Golden Retriever

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The best disc retriever that I’ve come across is this one by Dynamic Discs. It has a simple and clean design and can withstand years of use on the disc golf course.

To get your disc out of the water all you have to do is pull the rope to open it, toss it in, and scoop the disc back to land. It’s pretty simple to use and I’ve never had any issues using this retriever.

Other retrievers that are similar lack the reach that this one provides. It includes two different rope lengths, reaching up to 35 feet, which allows you to reach even the furthest discs in the water.


  • Folds out to easily latch on to lost discs
  • Easy to use
  • Small enough to fit in any bag or pocket
  • Navigates any water hazard without trouble
  • Comes with a 15′ and 35′ rope


  • Works well for discs lost in water, not so much trees

Final Verdict:

Buying this retriever will save you money in the long run once it helps you get back a couple of your discs. It’s so compact and light so you can throw this in the side pocket of your bag and never worry about losing another disc. Comes with two interchangeable ropes that can reach up to 35′.

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2. Hive Disc Golf Accessories Disc Claw Retriever

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You’ll notice the design of the Hive retriever is slightly different than the first option, but it functions the exact same way. It has the added benefit of coming with two separate hooks so that it can catch the disc on both sides no matter how you toss it in.

One feature that’s nice about this retriever is the additional metal ring that’s attached to the end of the rope. You can clip in the ring or hold it to make sure you don’t throw the entire retriever in the water by accident.

Since this is the budget option, occasionally the corner of the frame can become hooked on a rock or branch in the water. If this happens there’s a chance that part of the frame will bend out of shape while it becomes unstuck.


  • Multiple colored options
  • Folds away to be compact and small
  • Ring on the end of the rope to prevent losing grip
  • Up to 30 feet of reach


  • The rope is thin
  • Corner hooks can become bent while dragging

Final Verdict:

The Hive Retriever is a cheaper option that isn’t as high-quality as the Dynamic Discs product above. It’s lightweight, compact, and gets the job done with the only downside being it lacks the durability of the more expensive options.

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3. Grabber Tool w/ Hook

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There are two main types of disc retrievers, one with a rope and claw, and the second with a pole and hook. Even though the design of this retriever looks quite different, it offers the same great value as the others.

The grabber tool has less reach, but it’s the better option in a lot of scenarios. If your disc is stuck in a tree and is slightly in a body of water, the pole is much easier to control and can quickly get the disc back.

If you play in an area where it’s more likely to lose a disc up in a tree, this is the retriever I would recommend. This will fully extend out to 71″, collapses down to only 12″ for easy storage, and has an S-shaped hook that can be easily changed.


  • Fully extended reach is 71″
  • Great for getting discs out of trees
  • Collapses down to take up less space
  • The hook at the end is interchangeable
  • Easy to control


  • Less range
  • Difficult to use in deepwater areas

Final Verdict:

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How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Retriever – Buyer’s Guide

After bagging a retriever for the last few years I’ve realized there are three important things to consider when you’re looking for a disc retriever.


The maximum reach of the retriever is the first thing that I focus on. With a long pole or rope, you’re better suited for those scenarios where the disc is just out of reach.

If you play disc golf in locations where there are only small ponds around, this will be less important for you. For those of us that are surrounded by large bodies of water while playing, it’s best to get the longest reach that you can find.


Even though most disc golfers have a bag or cart with them, we want the majority of that space to be used for discs. That’s why I like to have a small retriever that can fit in the side pocket of my favorite disc golf bag.

With a pole retriever, it can be tougher to carry around, but most of them are collapsible at this point and won’t stick out much. Depending on where you play it might be a good idea to carry two retrievers; one for discs stuck in trees and one for those in the water.


It’s important to choose a retriever that’s easy to maneuver around in the water. If the retriever is difficult to control, it could take a lot of effort and time to get your disc out.

Choose one that is sturdy, compact, and can be thrown and retrieved easily so that you spend less time looking and more time throwing your discs!