Westside Discs Plastic Overview – Stability, Grip, & Feel

Westside Discs, one of the prominent brands in the disc golf community, offers an assortment of plastics suited for every type of player and condition.

If you enjoy throwing the Westside Discs brand, understanding their plastics is important in choosing the right disc and improving your overall skills!

Here’s a quick summary of the Westside Discs plastic types.

BT Hard and Medium Plastics

Starting with the putters, Westside Discs offers the BT Hard and BT Medium plastics. These materials are designed to provide a solid feel and consistent grip, which is crucial when it comes to the finesse involved in putting.

The sturdier BT Hard plastic ensures minimal deformation at the point of release, leading to more consistent throws. On the flip side, BT Medium allows for a bit more flex and grip, which might be preferable in colder weather or for those who like a slightly softer feel in their hand.

Selecting the right putter material can dramatically impact your short game, much like choosing the best disc golf putters to sink those crucial shots.

VIP and Tournament Plastics

When it comes to the mid-range and driver discs, Westside Discs has their VIP and Tournament plastics. These are the premium materials that offer durability and performance.

VIP plastic is known for its longevity and resistance to wear, maintaining the flight characteristics of your disc over time. It’s the choice for players seeking consistency through countless rounds on the course.

Tournament plastic, on the other hand, provides an excellent grip even in wet conditions and has an eye-catching shiny finish.

The extra grip doesn’t just look good; it enables reliable release and improved control, particularly when executing complex shots such as those taught in our guide on disc golf throws.

Origio, Moonshine, and Other Specialty Plastics

Westside Discs also caters to those seeking unique or specialty plastics like Origio and Moonshine. Origio is the base plastic that offers an excellent grip at a more affordable price point, ideal for beginners or players looking to stock up on practice discs without breaking the bank.

Moonshine plastic, synonymous with glow-in-the-dark discs, adds a new dimension to your game, letting you play well past sunset.

How Important Are Plastic Types?

Selecting the right plastic for your playing style and the course conditions can elevate your game immensely.

Understanding the range of Westside Discs plastics and their respective benefits will not only help you build a better bag but also advance your game to new heights.

From the grippy and comfortable putters for precision shots on the green to the robust and consistent drivers designed for maximum distance off the tee, Westside Discs has you covered.


Finding the perfect plastic type can take a while, but it’s worth it when you understand what feels the best for your game.

Be sure to explore various options and don’t shy away from experimenting with what feels right for your grip, throwing style, and the environments you play in.

Remember, the right disc in the right plastic can become a game-changer out on the course. Enjoy the flight!