Cool Disc Golf Facts

Disc Golf Facts

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite disc golf facts, including history, who invented disc golf, as well as cool and interesting pieces of trivia about the sport.

Discraft Zeus Review

Discraft Zeus Review

This review of the Discraft Zeus covers all shot types and uses of this maximum distance driver. Learn why the Zeus is the most popular driver on the market.

Innova Leopard Review

Innova Leopard Review

This review of the Innova Leopard covers all shot types and uses of this understable fairway driver. Learn all of the pros and cons of the Leopard here.

Discraft Zeus Review

Discraft Kong Review

In this review of the Discraft Kong I’ll cover everything you need to know from flight path to stability. If you want a disc that gets maximum distance checkout the Kong.

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Discraft Luna Review

The Luna is a neutral flying putter with great control. In this Discraft Luna review I’ll cover the features, plastics, and shot types that the Luna was made for.

Best Disc Golf Towels

5 Best Disc Golf Towels (2021)

One important piece of equipment you should have in your bag is a disc golf towel. We’ve come up with a list of the 5 best disc golf towels that you should have.