Innova Mako vs Mako3 (Flight + Ratings Comparison)

The Mako has been one of the best performing mid range discs ever manufactured by Innova. It’s a straight-flying disc that has a lot of glide and very little fade at the end of the flight.

One close comparison is the Mako3, which was created to be the newest version of the Mako that was released before.

To understand which disc is the better option to try, I’ll be comparing both Makos and looking at the biggest differences between them.

Innova Mako vs. Mako3 Comparison

Mako Mako3
Ratings 4 | 5 | 0 | 0 5 | 5 | 0 | 0
Stability Stable Stable
Skill Level Beginner Everyone

Similarities Between the Mako and Mako3

Both the Mako and Mako3 are stable midrange discs that are easy to control and throw for newer players.

If you look at the flight ratings you can see that they have the exact same numbers for glide, turn, and fade. Because these three numbers are the same, the discs will have similar flights and can be thrown for the same types of shots.

Another similarity is that beginners can try out either disc and shouldn’t have trouble keeping the disc straight while throwing. The Makos don’t require a lot of arm speed or spin to be thrown good distances, which is another reason they’re both bestsellers from Innova Discs.

Differences Between the Mako and Mako3

The biggest difference between the Mako and Mako3 is the number for speed on the disc. The Mako3 has a speed of 5 compared to a speed of 4 for the original Mako mold. With a higher speed value, the Mako3 is overall a faster moving disc and has more opportunity to be thrown farther.

From my experience using both discs, the Mako3 also feels flatter on the top, and more comfortable in my hand. The grips are similar, but for me, the original Mako is not nearly as comfortable to hold, release, and throw.

Innova Mako

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Available Plastics

The Mako can be found in all of the following plastic grades:

  • EchoStar (165-180g)
  • Glow Champion (160-180g)

The Mako3 can be found in all of the following plastic grades:

  • Star (170-180g)
  • GStar (170-180g)
  • Champion (170-180g)
  • XT (170-180g)

Finding your preferred Innova plastic mold is more likely to happen when looking for a Mako3. There are fewer options available for the original Mako.

The weight range for the Mako is 160-180 grams, while the available weights for the Mako3 range from 170 to 180 grams. Having a lighter weight disc can have advantages in certain situations, so that’s something to consider when deciding between the two. The max weights are the same and a lot of disc golfers prefer using heavier discs for mid ranges.

Innova Mako3

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Primary Shot Types

Both the Mako and Mako3 excel at being thrown straight, making them the perfect choice for tunnel shots or throws through the woods. If you need to get more distance on your drive, the Mako3 is the better option with the higher speed and glide combination.

A lot of players can find uses for throwing either disc from the tee, especially if you have a good landing spot in mind. The most common use is for approach shots from a reasonable distance. The Mako is great at landing flat and slowing down as it comes closer to the basket. Since the Mako3 has a flat top, there isn’t a high risk of the disc rolling or skipping instead of landing cleanly.

Throwing either disc will remind you of throwing a putter with how easy they are to control and how straight they travel.


The costs are similar for both discs with prices ranging from $12 to $20. There are more expensive options for the Mako since they can be designed with premium Glow plastic.

For the cheapest option to try either the Mako or Mako3, you should check out the Innova Factory Store and look for factory second discs.

Which Disc is Better For You?

For this disc comparison, the Mako and Mako3 are so similar that I recommend choosing your mid range based on the plastic grade that you enjoy throwing. Like I mentioned above, the Mako3 is slightly faster, but it’s not a big enough difference to base the decision on.

Here are a few more of my favorite midrange discs from the Innova brand if you’re interested in more options.


There aren’t any massive differences between the Innova Mako and Innova Mako3. They have similar flight ratings except for the one speed difference between the two.

These mid ranges from Innova can be thrown for similar shots and holes, and are easy for players of all skill levels to use.