Learn The Disc Golf Bag Tag Rules

Disc golf is not only an enjoyable sport that combines elements of skill and strategy, but it also fosters an interesting community that adds layers of competition and camaraderie to every round.

Among the casual competitions embraced by disc golfers is the tradition of “bag tags,” a system that adds a fun, ongoing ranking challenge within clubs or groups of players.

If you’re hoping to start participating in the fun tradition of bag tags, you’ll want to keep reading to better understand the rules and uses.

The Basics of Disc Golf Bag Tags

The concept is simple: each participant receives a tag with a unique number on it, usually at the beginning of the season or during a special club event. The number on the tag represents the player’s current rank within their group.

The lower the number, the better the player’s standing. These tags are usually attached to players’ disc golf bags, hence the name “bag tags.”

Challenging For Bag Tags

During any casual or organized round of disc golf, players with tags can challenge each other to a bag tag match. It’s a gentleman’s agreement where at the end of the round, the player with the lower score will take the better (lower-numbered) tag from the higher-scoring player.

Playing a round for tags can add a competitive aspect to rounds, making them more exciting among all of the other players.

If you play with the same group of friends you can keep playing for tags throughout the season until one player ends up the winner!

Bag Tag Etiquette

While competitiveness is part of the fun, it’s important to remember the friendly spirit of bag tag matches. Sportsmanship and respect should be at the core of these challenges.

Persistent tag dodging (declining challenges without valid reasons) or failure to carry your tag with you often leads to the fun spirit of competition becoming dull, so always bring your tag along for the round.

Club Rules and Challenges

Individual clubs or groups may have their own specific rules regarding challenges. Some might require that challenges be accepted within certain time frames or at specific events.

Clubs might also organize league days, where multiple tag swaps can occur, shaking up the rankings significantly.

So, if you’re part of a disc golf league be sure to check with them and make sure they don’t have any additional rules you need to know regarding tags.

Why Participate in Bag Tags?

Participating in a bag tag challenge within your local club can serve a multitude of purposes. Not only does it encourage more frequent play, but it also builds the local disc golf community.

Bag tags give you an additional reason to get out there and learn from others, test your skills, and track your improvement over time.


Disc golf bag tags bring excitement and a sense of ongoing competition to our beloved sport. They are symbolic of our constant pursuit of progression and excellence in disc golf, wrapped up in a system that encourages respect, community, and, most importantly, fun.

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So, when you hit the course next time, grab a tag, throw with gusto, and remember that every putt counts in the grand, fun scheme of bag tag rankings. And above all, enjoy the camaraderie and friendly competition that makes disc golf an unbeatable community sport.