The 5 Best MVP Drivers in 2023 (Gain More Distance)

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What’s the first thing you do when it’s your turn to step up to the tee and throw?

For most holes, it’s most likely that you’ll reach into your bag and pull out one of your favorite distance drivers! And that makes sense of course, because who doesn’t want to throw as far as possible when out playing with some friends?

There are so many available discs from every disc golf brand, I thought I’d throw together a list of my most used and favorite distance drivers from MVP.

My Top 3 Picks

After testing out a handful of MVP drivers and speaking with other disc golfers, here are my featured picks for the best drivers!

  1. MVP Photon
  2. MVP Wave
  3. MVP Tesla

Best MVP Drivers in 2024

MVP Photon

MVP Disc Sports Proton Photon Disc Golf Driver (170-175g / Colors May Vary)

The Photon is a high-performance distance driver that is designed to generate maximum distance for power throwers. This driver is naturally wind-resistant, making it a great choice for average players and those who prefer sidearm throws.

When I’m not navigating obstacles and am throwing into an open field without much cover from the wind, I find myself going back to the Photon time and time again. It’s just too reliable when you need maximum distance to want to throw anything else.

For comfort, the Photon has a thin feel and a flat profile that feels great as well as helps it to cut through the wind. This makes it very stable in different wind conditions, but useful for almost any gusty scenario.

This driver is a great option for players looking to maximize distance, its wind resistance and stability make it a reliable choice for various throwing styles.

Brand MVP
Flight 11, 5, -1.5, 2.5
Type Distance Driver
Weight 145 – 175 grams
Stability Overstable
Skill Level Advanced
Price $16.95 – $19.45

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MVP Wave

MVP Disc Sports Proton Wave Disc Golf Driver (155-160g / Mystery Color)

The Wave is another distance driver that’s ideal for players who have started to see improvement in their game and want to experience the thrill of throwing farther than ever before. This disc is known for its ability to stay in the air and not come down until reaching maximum distance.

It’s an amazing disc for a variety of shots from hyzerflips to anhyzers, as well as a handful of other throws as you start to expand your skill set. This disc is more overstable for less powerful throwers, but either way, any player should be able to get more distance on their drives when using the Wave.

Brand MVP
Flight 11, 5, -2, 2
Type Distance Driver
Weight 155 – 176 grams
Stability Stable
Skill Level Intermediate
Price $16.95 – $18.95

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MVP Tesla

MVP Disc Sports Proton Tesla Disc Golf Driver (155-160g / Mystery Color)

The Tesla is a distance driver that is known for its subtle turn, reliable fade, and pronounced glide. It is designed to gain extra distance on drives, making it a great option for players looking to increase their throwing distance with a fast distance driver.

Many players use it as a primary driver off the tee, as it can achieve good distance when thrown either flat or with a slight anhyzer. The Tesla’s tight s-curve flight path makes it ideal for wooded courses with tight lines, which I why I consider it a versatile disc that can handle different throwing styles and course conditions.

I can’t think of many times or courses where having the Tesla wouldn’t be appreciated to have in the bag!

Brand MVP
Flight 9, 5, -1, 2
Type Distance Driver
Weight 155 – 185 grams
Stability Stable
Skill Level Intermediate
Price $16.95 – $21.95

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MVP Inertia

MVP Disc Sports Proton Inertia Disc Golf Driver (155-160g / Mystery Color)

The Inertia is a great driver for turnovers or for any shot that will work itself around some obstacle, like a wooded area. With a slower speed of 9, you don’t really need a lot of power to find this driver effective.

It’s one of the more controlled distance drivers from MVP and gives powerful throwers more control and throwing options while still gaining more distance over other 9 speed discs.

Although it won’t give you as much distance as a Wave or Photon, you’ll see much more control and shot-shaping abilities when throwing the Intertia. It’s nice to have if you play on courses with a lot of signs or trees that might get in the way of your throws.

Brand MVP
Flight 9, 5, -2, 2
Type Distance Driver
Weight 155 – 175 grams
Stability Understable
Skill Level Intermediate
Price $16.95 – $17.95

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MVP Octane

MVP Disc Sports Neutron Octane Stable-Understable High Speed 23mm Distance Driver - Colors May Vary - 160-169 Grams

When distance is the only thing on your mind, the Octane is the perfect disc to reach for. It’s a very high speed distance driver that will fly in a straight line before beginning to fade slightly when it slows down.

Throw it with a hyzer angle and you’ll see this disc flip up and continue down the fairway and end with a reliable fade. It’s a very consistent disc and pretty much always does that exact same thing during the flight. It can be maneuvered around slightly, but the stability of the Octane makes it great at distance drives with some movement towards the end.

Brand MVP
Flight 13, 5, -1, 2
Type Distance Driver
Weight 164 – 175 grams
Stability Stable
Skill Level Intermediate
Price $16.95 – $19.45

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How to Choose the Best MVP Drivers – Buyer’s Guide

1. Stability

The stability of the disc is the biggest factor in what types of throws you can use it for. There are three categories that most discs fall into for stability; understable, stable, or overstable. These give you a general idea of how the disc will fly when released on certain angles, although even within one category there can be slight differences.

2. Plastic

MVP has around ten different plastic molds, ranging from Cosmic all the way to Neutron. The main difference between any of the plastic types is cost, stability, and durability. I prefer using more stable and durable plastics for my distance drivers, which would be Proton plastic.

Just make sure you find a plastic that feels comfortable and can withstand whatever type of throws you’ll be using it for!