5 Best Beaded Putters (Extra Grip & Control)

There are two types of rims when it comes to disc golf discs; beaded and beadless. A beaded disc has a slight ridge on the outside of the rim to help with grip and comfort.

Although some players prefer beadless discs, there are a lot of disc golfers who swear by beaded putters.

These are some of the best beaded putters available, and they’ve been chosen by community feedback, best-selling lists, and my personal experience on the course!

Best Beaded Putters

Best Putters with Beads

Let’s take a look at some beaded putters that might take your game to the next level!

1. Dynamic Discs Judge

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter | Blue | 170g Plus | Throwing Frisbee Golf Putter | Great Off of The Tee Box | Stable Disc Golf Flight | Beaded Disc Golf Putter | Stamp Color Will Vary

Flight Ratings: 2 Speed, 4 Glide, 0 Turn, 1 Fade
Weight: 160g-  175g
Stability: Stable
Skill Level: Everyone

Looking for a beaded putter that you can rely on to get the job done? Look no further than the Dynamic Discs Judge! This incredibly consistent putter can be thrown straight, with plenty of glide to make it easily catch in the chains of the basket.

You’ll love the Judge’s soft feel from all plastics and impressive durability for a slower moving putter. With its solid construction and easy-to-grip design, the Judge is perfect for players of all skill levels.

2. Gateway Wizard

Gateway SuperSoft Wizard Disc Golf Putter

Flight Ratings: 2 Speed, 3 Glide, 0 Turn, 2 Fade
Weight: 144g – 175g
Stability: Overstable
Skill Level: Beginner

The Gateway Wizard is the most popular putter ever created by Gateway. It has a stable, overstable flight and is great in windy conditions.

The Wizard is a versatile putter that gives players a comfortable bead on the rim and can handle any line you throw it on. I enjoy the comfortable grip it has that also makes it easy to control and get a clean release.

If you’re looking for a go-to putter that will stay in the chains, the Gateway Wizard might be the next disc to try out!

3. Innova JK Aviar

Innova Disc Golf Pro JK Aviar Golf Disc, 165-169gm (Colors may vary)

Flight Ratings: 2 Speed, 3 Glide, 0 Turn, 2 Fade
Weight: 160g -175g
Stability: Overstable
Skill Level: Beginner

Are you looking for an approach and putt disc that will help you improve your game? Then check out the Innova JK Aviar! This disc is perfect for approach shots and putts, and its softer plastic ensures that it will catch in the chains.

Additionally, the JK Aviar is flexible and grippy, making it easy to control in any type of environment. It won’t matter if you’re playing during winter or the hottest day of the summer, the Aviar will give you the same consistent grip and flight.

So if you’re a beginner looking for a beaded disc to help improve your putting consistency, I recommend holding a JK Aviar and seeing how it feels.

4. Discmania Link

Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Link Disc Golf Putter - Stable Disc Golf Putter and Approach Disc - 173-176 Grams (Colors May Vary)

Flight Ratings: 2 Speed, 3 Glide, 0 Turn, 1 Fade
Weight: 160g – 176g
Stability: Stable
Skill Level: Everyone

The Discmania Link is the perfect putter for anyone looking for a reliable and stable option that is also comfortable in the hand. I don’t normally play with many Discmania discs, but the Link felt great when I tried it for putting. The bead helped me get a more consistent release out in front of my body, and it didn’t stick to my hand during the round.

The Link has a straight flight path and is a great choice for beginners up to more experienced players.

5. Prodigy PA-3

Prodigy Disc 350G Series PA3 Putter Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] - 170-174g

Flight Ratings: 3 Speed, 4 Glide, 0 Turn, 1 Fade
Weight: 170g – 174g
Stability: Stable
Skill Level: Everyone

The Prodigy PA-3 is a beaded putter that is popular among players of all skill levels for its extra durability, feel, and grip. The PA-3 can be thrown straight at the basket, making it a great choice for players who are looking for a reliable and accurate putter.

The bead on the PA-3’s rim provides a consistent release and helps to minimize wind interference, making it a disc that performs well even in adverse conditions. With its great feel and straight flight, the Prodigy PA-3 is an excellent choice for players who are looking for a dependable and trustworthy putter.


I hope this list of the best beaded disc golf putters will help you find your next perfect disc! I’ve gone back and forth many times between beaded and beadless putters, and I still think they each have their advantages.

Beaded putters definitely help me with control and consistency, but the feeling can take some practice to get used to. Either way, choosing the right putter is an important step in becoming the best disc golf player that you can!