Innova Wraith vs. Destroyer – Best Comparison

Selecting the right driver in disc golf can be the difference between a satisfyingly long flight down the fairway and an errant shot that leads to a frustrating scramble. Innova, one of the leading disc golf manufacturers, has produced a multitude of drivers that have become staples in players’ bags around the world.

Among these, two discs have stood out for their exceptional performance: the Innova Wraith and the Innova Destroyer. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed comparison of these two popular discs, helping you determine which one might best suit your game!

Innova Wraith: A Versatile Favorite

First introduced in 2005, the Innova Wraith is a speed 11 driver that promises a good balance of speed, glide, and stability. Known for its versatility, it has been used successfully in various conditions and by players of different skill levels.

The Wraith has flight ratings of (Speed: 11, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3), making it a reliable choice for both long drives and controlled flex shots. If you’re curious how the Wraith matches up with other similar drivers, these discs are comparable.

What makes the Wraith a notable choice for many players is its ability to offer significant distance without the demanding arm speed and power of higher speed discs. It can handle a decent amount of torque, making it suitable not only for backhand but also for forehand shots—check Disc Golf Forehand Tips if you’re looking to improve that part of your game.

In addition to its handling of different throws, it comes in a variety of Innova plastics, allowing for different grips and levels of durability.

Innova Destroyer: The Power Player’s Delight

Known as one of the most popular distance drivers, particularly among power throwers and professional players, the Innova Destroyer has been a game-changer since its release in 2007. The release of the Destroyer led to a new era for players searching for a disc with significant speed and dependable fade.

With its ratings of (Speed: 12, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3), the Destroyer is designed for those with faster arm speeds, favoring players who can unlock its full potential through power and precision.

Understanding the Destroyer’s capabilities is essential, as its overstable nature at high speeds makes it a less suitable option for beginners. Yet, as players develop more power, the Destroyer becomes an invaluable tool for getting maximum distance, fighting headwinds, and finishing with a reliable fade. Much like the Wraith, different plastics offer varying degrees of stability and feel, catering to different preferences and wear over time.

Head-to-Head: Wraith vs. Destroyer

When deciding between the Wraith and the Destroyer, consider your own playing style and skill level. The Wraith’s slightly lower speed requirement makes it accessible to a broader range of players, including those with moderate arm speeds. It’s an excellent choice for intermediate players looking to step up their long-distance game, as well as advanced players who want a distance driver that won’t fade too aggressively.

On the other hand, the Destroyer is best left to those who have already honed their throwing power. If you are comfortable executing high-speed throws and want a driver that bites into the wind and offers a predictable finish, the Destroyer might be your ally in conquering long, demanding holes.

Experimenting in the Field

It’s one thing to read about these discs and their theoretical differences; it’s another to test them out on the course or in the field. If you have access to both, take some time to throw each in a variety of conditions. See how they behave when thrown flat, with hyzer (angled downward toward the throwing hand), or anhyzer (angled upward away from the throwing hand).

How do they feel in your hand? How do they respond to your personal throwing mechanics? You may find that one stands out, or that they each have a place in your bag for different shots.

Going Beyond the Stats

While disc selection often starts with the numbers, experienced players know that plastic type, wear, and individual mold variations can affect a disc’s behavior.

Pay attention to how each disc ages; a well-worn Wraith might behave more like a stable straight flyer, whereas a beaten-in Destroyer might surprise you with an extended S-curve as it gains more turn over time.

In Summary

Your choice between the Innova Wraith and Destroyer ultimately boils down to personal preference and your particular disc golf skills. The Wraith offers a touch more forgiveness for those with developing power, while the Destroyer is a monster of distance for those who can wield it effectively.

Neither disc will disappoint if matched with the right thrower, and it is common for players to carry both for a range of strategic options on the course.

Disc golf is as much about personal growth as it is about the tools you choose. Whether you favor the Wraith, the Destroyer, or perhaps both, the most important aspect is to know your discs intimately and understand how they will perform in every conceivable situation. Remember to practice with purpose, stay open to adjustments, and may your drives find the fairway and your putts the chains.