Comparing the Discraft Roach and Luna: A Detailed Guide

Discraft is a prominent brand in the disc golf world, renowned for its quality discs that cater to players at all levels. Among the discs designed for a short game, two popular putters are the Roach and the Luna.

This article will cover both putters’ flight characteristics, ideal usage scenarios, and overall performance on the course.

Overview of the Discraft Roach

The Roach putter works well and will provide a straight flight path with minimal fade, which makes it predictable and dependable for both putting and approach shots. It has a beadless bottom edge design and a gentle dome, contributing to its smooth glide and great feel.

Some ideal uses for the Roach include both in-the-circle putting and controlled approach shots. Its neutral flight makes it a favorite among players who value consistency and accuracy over long distances.

When compared to other discs in the Discraft lineup, the Roach is less overstable than the iconic Challenger and offers slightly more glide than the low-profile Focus, positioning it as an excellent intermediate putter.

Overview of the Discraft Luna

Another consistent putter, the Luna is known for its stable to slightly overstable flight characteristics, with more high-speed stability than the Roach. This results in a reliable fade at the end of its flight, aiding players in navigating tight spots.

This putter thrives in scenarios demanding precision, whether it’s a confident putt under windy conditions or a pinpoint accurate upshot that requires a gentle ending fade. It can be likened to a slightly more overstable and firmer version of the popular Challenger.

Comparison of the Roach and Luna

Flight patterns differ subtly between these two putters: the Roach flies straighter with minimal fade, whereas the Luna offers more fade and stability, especially when thrown with power.

In terms of grip, the Roach’s beadless bottom might be more comfortable for some players, particularly those with smaller hands or who prefer a smoother feel. The Luna’s slightly larger rim depth and bead might provide a more substantial grip for others.

Each disc has its strengths: the Roach is excellent for straight shots and versatility, while the Luna’s strength lies in its consistency under pressure and its utility in windier conditions.


After testing out and comparing both discs, I’ve found that the Roach and Luna are two exceptional putters from Discraft with distinct characteristics. The Roach is an outstanding all-arounder with a straight flight, whereas the Luna offers a bit more resistance to the wind with a predictable fade.

Disc golfers considering either of these should reflect on their play style and preferences, as both putters provide different advantages on the course. Either way, with enough practice and speed control you’ll be able to improve with these Discraft putters!