Innova Eagle vs. Innova Teebird: Choosing Your Champion Disc

The game of disc golf has captivated players with its unique blend of leisure, sport, and connection with nature. A round of disc golf can provide an amazing time, especially if you have the perfect disc in your bag!.

Two fairway drivers that really stand out in the disc golf community are the Innova Eagle and the Innova Teebird. For both newbies and seasoned players, understanding these discs’ differences is vital in elevating their game.

Innova Eagle

Disc Specifications

Renowned for its reliability, the Innova Eagle boasts impressive flight numbers with a speed of 7, glide of 4, turn of -1, and a fade of 3. This combination allows for a balanced performance for flight in the air.

It’s available in weights from the 150-gram class up to 175 grams, allowing players to select one based on their personal strength and style. Moreover, the Eagle comes in a variety of plastic options, each affecting its grip and flight durability, from the affordable DX plastic to the premium Star plastic.

Flight Characteristics

When launched, the Eagle follows an “S-curve” flight path, demonstrating a gentle turn before its substantial fade kicks in towards the end of the flight. It performs admirably under headwinds and offers consistency in various conditions due to its predictable stability.

Versatile by nature, this disc responds well to both backhand and forehand throws, making it a handy tool in any player’s arsenal.

Player Skill Level and Use

Intermediate to advanced players often gravitate towards the Innova Eagle, although its forgiving nature makes it accessible to determined beginners.

Ideal for long, controlled fairway drives, this disc thrives in navigating tight lines and precise approaches. However, its significant fade can pose challenges to those still mastering their throw’s power and angle.

Innova Teebird

Disc Specifications

Another staple in any disc golf bag is the Innova Teebird, with flight numbers that include a speed of 7, glide of 5, turn of 0, and a fade of 2. The Teebird is a go-to for consistent, straight flying.

It also offers a similar weight range as the Eagle and multiple plastics, allowing players to customize their choices based on preferences and playing conditions.

Flight Characteristics

The Teebird is a model of stability, flying straight with a predictable fade at the end. It’s less affected by wind than discs with higher numbers in glide and turn, making it reliable in adverse conditions.

This disc is versatile, catering to an array of throwing styles, including the often difficult forehand throws for many players.

Player Skill Level and Use

The Teebird is an outstanding choice for all skill levels. Its user-friendly flight path makes it an excellent disc for beginners learning the ropes, while its precision and control are valued by more advanced players.

This disc is most effective for fairway drives, long approaches, and even as a utility disc when accuracy is paramount. New players might struggle with the Teebird’s fade, but it often becomes a favorite as they improve.

Comparing the Innova Eagle and the Innova Teebird

Flight Comparison

The Eagle and Teebird may have similar speed and weight options, but they part ways in regards to stability and fade. The Teebird is more likely to maintain a straight line before fading, whereas the Eagle shows a bit more turn during flight. Depending on the thrower’s style and the course conditions, each disc could outshine the other.

Skill Level and Experience

Beginners might prefer the Teebird for its gentle learning curve, while more experienced players might enjoy the Eagle’s versatility for a wider variety of shots. Both discs can help enhance a player’s skill set, making it valuable to try both to understand how each behaves with one’s unique throwing style.


Comparing the Innova Eagle with the Teebird reveals a duel of talents; both bring distinct advantages to the table. Remember, the ideal disc is the one that best complements your playing style, skill level, and the specific scenarios you encounter on the course.

It’s beneficial to engage with both, as experimenting will help you make an informed choice. Additionally, tapping into the knowledge of seasoned players or disc golf instructors can provide useful insights. Ultimately, whether you reach for the Eagle or the Teebird, may your choice lead you to grand rounds and impressive scores.