DIY Disc Golf Basket

A home disc golf basket might be the most important piece of equipment in disc golf if you want to improve your scores! If you want to create a custom basket or improve upon one that you already own, don’t worry we will cover it all.When you start playing the great game of disc golf I find many people have the urge to improve and they want to improve fast. Consistent putting is the best way to increase your game and nothing helps you train like a basket at home.In this post we will discuss a few strategies towards creating a homemade disc golf basket, I will give a couple of guides I have found, as well as some tips you can use to make your basket better.DIY Disc Golf Basket

Homemade Basket Options

Before we go over these DIY basket guides, it’s important to know that if you are trying to save money on a basket, then it might be cheaper to buy one instead. If you are in it for the experience of building one on your own, then these will point you in the right direction.

However, I would still recommend watching the videos below because you may have some spare parts around the house that you can use instead. Just pay attention to the few pieces that are required and think about what you can swap out!

This DIY guide is definitely geared towards someone who has some experience with home projects. It does give a very good idea about the overall design of a basket and which parts are the most important to manage.

The video above is less advanced and required no welding to create the basket. By following this video you would create your own portable, sturdy disc golf basket.

Disc Golf Goal all parts from Lowes Inexpensive

The last guide I found was one that my buddy ended up doing. In total to build it costs around $75, which is still cheaper than most basket deals around here.

Issues With Homemade Baskets

Basket Is Too Loud

Disc golf baskets can be pretty loud, especially if you live near close neighbors and plan on daily putting. The consistent(hopefully!) rattling of chains is bound to drive somebody crazy after a while.

Putting At Night

Do you ever sit down later after work and get the urge to go practice a bit? I found that this happens to be quite a lot just when the sunlight is starting to fade. There isn’t much use to putting if you don’t have a clear view of your basket, so that makes it pretty limited on times you can play.

Putting Distances

One of the greatest advantages of having a basket at home is that you can easily practice from whatever distance you want. If you want to practice outside the circle putts only, it is easy to do.

For me I really wanted to get consistent at the 15-20 foot range. The problem is unless you have a marker or want to keep your basket in the same place, it will be hard to know what distance you are throwing from.

No worries though, we have a few solutions below that will help get your putting game on track and enhance your home basket!

Ways To Improve Your Basket

Sound Proofing

The best way that I found for quieting down my basket was to buy pipe insulation.

Pipe Insulation

This item matches up almost perfectly with the pole for most baskets and will cut down on the noise by a lot. The only downside is that you might end up with a couple of putts that hit the pole and bounce right back out. If you have an extra pool noddle lying around the house, that will work just as well.

Another strategy that I’ve seen used before is to fill the inside poll with expanding spray foam. Having anything inside of the poll will reduce the vibrations and lessen the noise.

Basket Lights

One of the best purchases I made for my basket was buying pole lights!

Pole Lights

These umbrella lights fit perfectly on a disc golf basket and offer quite a bit of light when it starts getting darker outside. By having this attached to the top of your basket, you’ll be able to use your basket even when you start losing some visibility.

Distance Measurements

If you really want to improve your game you must have consistent putting practice. That means finding which distances you are comfortable at and which ones need improvement. I fixed this issue by buying a simple rope that is attached to the bottom of my basket.


What I like to do is measure out a few distances, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and mark them with a small piece of tape. Now when I go out to putt I can pull the rope from my basket and get easy markers to use right there. No more measuring every time before I practice!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully the guides above helped point you in the right direction for building your own DIY disc golf basket, and If you own a basket the tips above should help you get the most out of your putting practice!