11+ Hilarious & True Disc Golf Memes

Disc Golf MemesWhat’s a better way to enjoy the game that we all love than to look at the best and funniest disc golf memes?

Here’s a list of my favorite memes involving disc golf, including everything from ordering discs to throwing them out on the course.

Find the meme that makes you laugh the hardest and share it with all of your disc golf buddies!

Hilarious Disc Golf Meme List

1. Waiting for new Innova discs

Man waiting for discs

2. Huge disc golf collection

One does not simply meme

3. Sitting around waiting for the mail

Waiting disc golf meme

4. The face when you lost your favorite disc

The Office meme

5. Disc golf is an expensive hobby

Spending money disc golf

6. Play the least amount in order to win

Morpheus Disc Golf Joke

7. Range finder definitely not needed

Patrick meme

8. The local course adventure

Losing disc funny

9. Are you a champ or a chump?

Nate Sexton Meme

10. Fast learning disc golfers

Teaching disc golf to friends

11. Hitting trees in disc golf meme

I'll have you know disc golf

12. New disc golf gear makes me feel good

Putting and driving disc golf

13. Disc golf in the rain meme

Disc golf in the rain